Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last year, NMIMS University celebrated the silver jubilee of its foundation. For the past 25 years, we have been consistently contributing to the success story called India, consistently producing a bright and passionate force with a presence around the globe, consistently expanding and transcending horizons – We have been consistently growing. Amidst all these developments, many a times we also feel a need to get in touch with our alma mater – to relive those old days of fun, to get in touch with long lost friends. Yes, in today's world of Orkuts and Facebooks it is not at all tough to make connections…

But through this blog, our attempt is to connect you again, to your alma mater NMIMS, its present students and its alumni of 25 years. Our endeavour will be to present to you the latest happenings on the campus, highlights of some achievements of our alumni and give you an opportunity to interact with us and provide the valuable feedback, suggestions and updates from the corporate world which would help us improve.
Welcoming you are the newly appointed Core Team of Alumni Cell for the year 2008-09:

Akshay Gupta
The Team
Anthony A. Joseph
Akshyat Bhatia
Avneet Kaur
Ayan Sengupta
Deepak K. Chaudhary
Garima Prashar
Ishani Behari
Kumar Rahul
Neha Raina
Nikhil Bhatia
Nupur Goyal
Ram Kumar
Rohit Hegde
Rushab P. Gala
Sahil Sakhuja
Sajjak Singhvi
Sidharth Bedi
Sounak Nandi

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